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We supply a full range of CAD equipment/systems from all major manufacturers. Quality bespoke systems can also be built that provide added strengths in intensive CAD application areas. Our customers have included among others, a major oil company and two shipbuilders, but we are more than happy to supply the single home enthusiast on a budget also.

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 MONITORS...Optimal CAD monitors of all makes and display types, singular or multi array decks. We often carry ex-lease monitors also.               

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PLOTTERS...All brands and formats from budget multi purpose A3/A2 inkjet printers through to all types and size of plotters. We supply all plotter consumables also (pens, inks, toners)

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DIGITISERS...Market leaders such as Calcomp tablets (A4-A00) and various others including some competent budget options.

ALSO...Upgades, Consumables, Software and other associated project equipment such as Digital cameras, PDA's, Projectors, laser measures and specialist survey tools etc.

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