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  • Domestic and industrial CCTV systems and equipment.
  • 'Out of the box' complete self install solutions.
  • Radio linked, network based and covert
  • Alarm and access control equipment
All camera types, control units including PC based, monitors, recording equipment etc. Also alarm systems, access control systems, locks etc.

Massive range of genuine and compatible parts and accessories for many major brands of:

Washing machines, Cookers, Dishwashers, Microwaves, Tumble driers, Fridges/freezers, Vacuum cleaners etc.



  • SATELLITE EQUIPMENT Dishes, receivers, positioners, switches, replacement remote controls, etc.
  • REPLACEMENT REMOTE CONTROLS Manufactures replacements for virtually all makes and models of TV, video, satellite and some hi-fi (e.g. Nokia TV from 9). Also generics, universals and remote senders.
  • BARGAIN BATTERIES All types, for all makes of: NOTEBOOK PC, MOBILE PHONE, CAMCORDER. All other types from standard batteries, button cells, rechargeable to the 'hard to find' at low prices. Also chargers, testers, holders etc.
  • ELECTRICAL / ELECTRONICS Virtually anything electrical or any electronic component supplied.
  • TEST EQUIPMENT All manner of test, gauging and monitoring equipment (+ calibration certificated).
  • AUDIO / P.A. EQUIPMENT DJ / Concert / theatre P.A. & effects, guitar spares & accessories, Hi-Fi spares
  • RADIO Scanners, HAM, etc. also GPS


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